Dr. Scott A. Yorkovich
Scott Yorkovich has been actively involved in helping leaders pursue their goals - both personal and professional, for more than 20 years. As an independent consultant since 1991, Scott has worked with hundreds of organizations and leaders at all levels in a wide variety of organizations: distribution, marketing, churches and ministries, manufacturing, and others. Currently, as President of Revelare Corp. and Adjunct Faculty in the graduate school at Capella University he continues his focus on helping people grow and build stronger organizations.

Scott's knowledge, skills, and talents allow him to offer a unique brand of consulting that blends leadership, organizational, and technology consulting. This has allowed him to create holistic approaches to common as well as complex problems.
Scott uses the following development cycle to guide people and their organizations through growth:
  • Discover truths and principles of leadership
  • Discern correct application of new and old discoveries
  • Develop strategies to achieve more effective leadership … and Discover more truths and principles
Through this reiterative process, leaders experience revelations about themselves and their organizations. This is the heart of “Revelare”, the Latin word meaning, “to reveal”.


Doctor of Strategic Leadership, Regent University, 2006
  • Doctoral Project : Succession Management Strategies in College Campus Ministries
Master of Arts, Organizational Leadership, Regent University, 2003
  • Culminating Project: Organizational Effectiveness Plan for a Software Consultantcy
Bachelor of Science, Psychology, North Dakota State University, 1986
  • Double Major: Sociolgy
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