Corporation is devoted to the development of leadership skills among people and organizations as they pursue their mission. “Revelare” is a Latin word meaning “to reveal” or “to unveil.” This idea reflects a passion to help people discover principles of personal and organizational leadership.

Revelare is also about helping people discern how these principles apply, both personally and professionally. Revelare's goal is to guide people in this process of discovery and discernment helping them to develop strategies for implementing what they learn. The result is people who grow in their leadership and grow their organizations.

"Discover— Discern— Develop" is the heart of Revelare Corporation:

  • DISCOVER - revealing truths and principles of leadership
  • DISCERN - determining correct application of new and old discoveries
  • DEVELOP - creating strategies to achieve more effective leadership

Click on the services link above to see how Revelare can help you discover, discern, and develop. Whether your interests are personal growth or for the leadership of your organization Revelare has resources to help you increase your effectiveness and success.

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